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WESTERMANN System solutions for wall and ceiling claddings

Turn Walls and Ceilings into real highlights

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Whether it is for schools or universities, festival halls or cultural centres, offices or administration buildings: when it comes to designing large wall or ceiling areas, architects, designers or developers invariably turn to the possibilities given by cladding systems. But in addition to visual appearance, the designer has to consider many other issues dependant on space and environment, for example acoustics and fire resistance.

WESTERMANN has proven competence in the use and combination of different materials and can offer elaborate system solutions for the range of wall and ceiling claddings, which are anything other than just cover ups.

Wall Claddings
for highest

Wall claddings and doors with matching visual appearance, wall cladding to DIN 4103 for classrooms, lecture halls and other rooms in which large crowds gather; wall claddings for inner facades over several floors; wall claddings which can be mounted and demounted or wall claddings with the facility for attaching furniture or fittings: when it is a question of wall claddings, designers and architects have very clear and often exclusive ideas, which they need to see brought to reality.

WESTERMANN has years of experience in the design and execution of exceptional wall claddings. Aspects of acoustics, optic appearance and ventilation/ cooling are normal day to day business together with issues like access openings and compliance with fire safety or the design integration of doors, furniture elements and sound or stage technology. We fall back on a range of different materials for both cladding and the support constructions. These include among others:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Fabrics
  • Steel-glass elements (with fire rating)
  • Composite materials (with fire rating)
  • Steel sheeting
  • Plaster
  • Veneers
  • Paints

Ceiling Cladding
with Multi-functions

The optical demands on ceiling claddings are among the most challenging tasks in interior design: designers and architects may request painted real wood or coloured panels for a concert or lecture hall. Acoustic, fire resistance and ventilation issues and diverse aspects also have to be considered and incorporated. It follows that ceiling claddings have to be acoustically effective and accessible to permit penetrations for stage technology or room air-conditioning with cooling batteries. To integrate these requirements and functions in a ceiling cladding, competence in basic interior design is needed together with the ability to coordinate the other trades involved in the project.

WESTERMANN has carried out many sophisticated ceiling projects over the last years: we have found it important to concentrate from the start on the physical design and always perform a 3D laser survey. This is helpful both for the planning of projects of this type and for making sure that the installation later taking place is successfully performed, bearing in mind that it is over head work and that constant coordination with other trades is required. Every project is provided with a required test certificate for sound absorption and a verification of the cooling performance data.