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WESTERMANN System Solutions for Partitioning Systems

Discover how versatile wall partitioning can be

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Whether it is the architect or client, interior designer or office designer: when it comes to partitioning, everyone has his own individual requirements. For one situation the visual appearance is a priority, for another it is the functionality or specific structural requirements that are important.

WESTERMANN is well aware of all these different requirements and has a complete range of modular design system solutions for flexible room layouts: from the simple, robust industrial partition to the transparent, high quality, veneer faced, representative division wall. Find out more about how appealing and well thought out modern room partitions can look like.


Fire resistance, room acoustics, sound insulation as well as functionality and design: everything is considered for the development of system partition designs. An outstanding feature of our products is the fact that they are typically modular systems, which allow for flexible layouts according to specific requirements. It goes without saying that all of our partition systems offer optimal visual screening and sound protection. Whatever you decide: your choice will give you the perfect basis for an excellent floor plan design.

Office Partition:
Profile 557

If you like to think freely, as we do, then you will be convinced by our fully glazed wall system profile 557. Frameless glazing provides transparency up to the manager’s office. And before it becomes too transparent, we provide a glass panel with your preferred design or coat the glass with high quality screen printing. The profile 557 glass element will always comply with the high sound insulation requirements: when the door is closed, it is shut tight, even if it is made of glass.

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Office Partition:
Profile 552

According to our philosophy architecture and company culture are inseparably connected.  The double glazed profile 552 provides excellent sound insulation combined with transparent structures, bringing people together and turning rooms into clearly identified spaces, which inspire staff and visitors alike. The narrow 20 mm aluminium profiles are flush with the wall and large panel sections enable flexible and exceptional glazed concepts.

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Office Partition:
Profile 551

Profile 551 will set creative talents free. Whether you use the fully glazed or the partially glazed version, the system impresses with both excellent fire and sound protection qualities and a feeling of lightness. The profile 551 creates atmosphere and turns every room into an architectural highlight. The posts and mullions are only 50 mm wide, giving endless design possibilities. Fast installation and adaptation possibilities without obligations together with an attractive price-quality-ratio perfectly round off this WESTERMANN solution.

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There is no such thing as impossible: WESTERMANN partitions are made in our own workshops by experienced craftsmen to individual customer needs using first class materials. A state-of-the-art machine park and quality management to ISO EN NORM 9001: 2008 certification guarantee first-class quality.