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Old Houses smartened up

Revitalising and Listed Buildings with WESTERMANN

See how old rooms can gain new glamour

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The interior designer is confronted with more specific challenges in the revitalisation and the protection of listed buildings than in most other sectors. In one case it may be that a historical building requires refitting to cater for fire prevention aspects or in another instance a whole building has to be revitalised. These and similar problems are serious challenges especially for small restaurateurs.

WESTERMANN has proven ability in the field of building revitalisation and restoration to conform to listed building regulations. Our project team has acquired sound knowledge of traditional skills involving joinery, ironmongery and surface treatment methods and can use these skills to restore old rooms and make them look like new.

Expertise in
the restoration

Years of experience and intensive cooperation with the authorities responsible for listed buildings have made WESTERMANN an interesting partner for all those concerned with building revitalisation and preservation of monumental buildings for subjects of fire prevention or surface preservation treatment. We are committed to the task of ensuring that at the completion of a restoration project, nothing of the old charm has been lost. The usual interior design elements, which WESTERMANN frequently restores, are:

  • Wooden doors and wooden partitions
  • Cupboards
  • Wall cladding and panelling
  • Ceilings

Surveying with

with 3D-laser

Measurements are carried out with the most modern 3D-laser technology. This enables accurate measurement over larger distances and complex shapes: the need for checking measurements is no longer required and design errors are reduced in advance. The surveyed data are used by WESTERMANN for planning new elements and for control during the production process. The result is precision interior design elements, which fit perfectly in the historical surroundings.

Surface treatments
of former times

In addition to proven abilities in connection with traditional joinery and ironmongery skills, WESTERMANN staff are skilled in craftsmanship with old materials and the traditional methods of preparing and treating surface finishes. These skills are the basis of interior finishing work involving interior design objects and elements, which are technically of modern design but require to be integrated in the historical original with regard to the haptic and optic perception.

joinery and fitting

Those who wish to restore historical buildings and rooms will find it difficult to succeed using modern methods and techniques. Knowledge of the traditional methods is essential for preparation and working with products and materials, as for example diverse joinery methods and ironmongery techniques.

site management

As with any demanding project, the restoration of historical objects and rooms relies on the optimal coordination of all contractors and institutions involved in the project. Strict regulations, which have to be followed, are particularly relevant for listed building preservation work. The designer or the developer does not have to be concerned with these problems: WESTERMANN takes care of these issues and ensures conformity with all regulations and that all work is professionally completed within the set time scale