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In recent years we have seen a trend towards technical innovation in interior designs: more and more designers, architects and developers are looking for design solutions incorporating light, cooling and ventilation aspects. This means, however, that the resulting challenges, for example mixing daylight with artificial light or year cycle parameters, are pushing many interior designers to the limit.

WESTERMANN has many years of experience with space forming projects and provides the link between technical building automation and interior designs. We find solutions using innovative designs, which combine optical and functional aspects, while significantly improving the energy efficiency of your property.


WESTERMANN uses mainly functional elements, incorporated in walls and ceilings to provide room cooling and temperature control. Our own developed designs, as for example our chilled ceiling systems, are all officially tested and contribute reliably to room air-conditioning. We also have considerable experience in night cooling and develop cooling materials and solutions in cooperation with leading suppliers to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.


Interior design ventilation blades, ventilation flaps or overcurrent door elements are just some of the examples of interior design elements, with which WESTERMANN contributes to efficient room ventilation. A feature of our ventilation solutions is the integration in the building services concept.

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Ventilation and sound insulation: for a long time it was inconceivable that both characteristics could be combined in one door. Either the door was too well sealed, or air and sound could pass through. With the cooperation of the best specialists in this field WESTERMANN can now offer customers sound insulated doors with ventilation possibilities. These so-called overcurrent elements allow a high air exchange rate and are an optimal answer for internally located doors in office layouts, which require supply air and exhaust ventilation combined with sound insulation.

Overcurrent elements in doors


For lighting WESTERMANN has gained a reputation for developing sophisticated lighting concepts and inter-disciplinary management in the execution. The results of these efforts are innovative ceiling lighting panels, sophisticated lighting elements, which can be integrated in the ceilings or walls and ergonomic and optimally illuminated workplaces.





Combined solutions

The assumption that interior design is much more than simply designing a room is best shown by the fact, that more and more designers and developers are using ventilation, cooling and lighting as an integral part of the interior design idea. When required, WESTERMANN develops, together with leading manufacturers in the different specialities, interior design solutions, which convince through simplicity and functionality. Examples are walls in offices fitted with integrated cooling functions or overcurrent elements or ceilings in event rooms fulfilling diverse ventilation, electrical, safety, fire prevention and optical requirements.

Complete support
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Irrespective of whether you need integrated cooling, ventilation or lighting elements in your interior design project or not, WESTERMANN is the right partner, because we can offer comprehensive advice and support throughout the whole process. From project concept and design, throughout production and installation on time - including a comprehensive site management, that coordinates the trades - to achieving the objective and providing a complete documentation of all the issues: WESTERMANN can offer this complete service from a single source.

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