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WESTERMANN Innovation Workshop

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More than 40 years ago the first modular office partition systems were installed in the world: one of the many innovations with significant involvement of WESTERMANN. We have not rested on our laurels since that time either, because we are always accepting challenges involving new material combinations and solutions.

WESTERMANN is working continuously on today’s design and construction challenges to find intelligent solutions for the future. This results in innovations,  that provide real benefits for the customers.

The country
needs new products

WESTERMANN is not the first company to have the idea of further developing materials and combining different materials. But we belong to those who have found real innovations in the process. Based on market knowledge, binding support from the  manufacturers and keen enthusiasm, our employees are committed to the task of working day by day in our innovation workshop to create various material combinations, which meet the customer’s demands for new solutions.




Design for the
moment and eternity

Trends are the driving force in interior design. Architects and designers are always on the look out for new styles, functions and designs, which they need for their work and to realize their ideas. WESTERMANN has obtained the right knowledge, means and resources to develop unique furniture and interior design elements which inspire in appearance and function.

Function and
customer’s delight

Every item of furniture and every room component has a function. The role of the interior designer is to find an outstanding solution. But WESTERMANN would not be WESTERMANN if we did not question every piece of furniture and consider how to optimise the functionality or even integrate the function somewhere else. This way of thinking has lead to solutions, which are unique in the market.

From design to
series production

To have a good idea is one thing. To have the ability to turn it into reality is another.

WESTERMANN has both. We are working constantly in our innovation workshop to develop, test and define new product combinations or new functions. The ideas take shape in our own workshops, where experienced craftsmen are dedicated to the task of turning the initial brain wave into a practical, fully functioning and impressive product, which conforms to the current product safety standards.

Good ideas always win:

Selected Products from the WESTERMANN
Innovation Workshop