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An experienced interior design contractor, who can coordinate many specialists during the design and execution phases: that is what designers, architects or developers are looking for in a General Contractor for interior design. Architects need an interior design contractor, who can comprehensively compile all information, professionally process it and place it at the disposal of all project participants; this is particularly the case, when the project is technically complex and the execution requires specialists for different trade disciplines.

WESTERMANN understands the need for the experienced project leader, reliable partners, performance on time and a comprehensive documentation and can offer the full range of services for these tasks as an experienced General Contractor. Professional sub-contractor management provides the client with security at all levels.

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Apart from fulfilling the optical and functional requirements, the crucial point of an interior design project is the target-orientated coordination of all trades involved. Most of the delays on projects can be avoided by good site management, which is the strength that WESTERMANN can demonstrate. Instead of a host of trade planners, WESTERMANN operates as the central point of control for the coordination of the painter, floor layer and decorator through to the lighting installer and the joiner and ending up with the drywall plasterer. We take on the logistic and documentation management and coordinate the work activities of the trades involving the use of virtual project spaces, in which nothing is left to chance.

By making sure that there is a mutual exchange of information, WESTERMANN achieves a continual optimisation of the time management and the best possible use of available resources. This not only ensures the improved efficiency of all participants, but also leads to more security in terms of cost and time. Over the years, WESTERMANN has designed, coordinated and executed projects for a variety of clients and customers. Our solutions can for example be found in

  • Schools
  • Administration Buildings
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Hotels
  • Government and State Buildings
  • Banks

Every chain is as strong as its weakest link: the importance of this saying is clearly demonstrated on complex interior design projects, when different trades have to work together in coordination over often long periods of time. In order to give our customers, which include designers, architects as well as developers, the maximum security, and in order to satisfy our own demands, we work exclusively with competent, reliable and first class partners, on whom we place the most stringent requirements.

The exceptional interior design does not happen by chance, it is the result of outstanding specialists working together, selected and coordinated by WESTERMANN in the function of General Contractor.

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Interior design projects involving execution during on-going business operations are a special challenge for the General Contractor. In addition to the need to coordinate the trades involved in the project, adequate solutions have to be found to allow the affected staff to continue working without exceptional disruption, while the building for example is undergoing a complete restoration.

Over the past few years, WESTERMANN has successfully performed  projects of this type and has obtained the necessary experience to organise each transitional phase so that the interior design construction process can be carried out as quickly as possible while keeping the quality of the workplace for the employees at a high maximum.

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Well planned is half done: true to this maxim, the qualified WESTERMANN project leader will analyse, scrutinize and check in advance all parameters, which affect your interior design project. Based on these findings, and if necessary with additional feasibility studies and expert opinions, he will create a detailed cost and time schedule and quality assurance plan, define the required interfaces, set about the supervision and monitoring of the participant trades, with the aim of achieving smooth execution and on time completion. The client will be regularly kept informed of every step.