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Space Forming Designs with WESTERMANN

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For interior designs the space creation concept is rightly considered to be the supreme discipline, mainly because it puts such high demands on the designers. The space forming design has to achieve optimal space use incorporating specific elements. Designers need to develop holistic concepts involving outstanding interior design elements, which are frequently integrated in the building and therefore subject to a number of demands.

WESTERMANN has longstanding experience with the creation of space forming projects and has been serving designers, architects and demanding clients for many years with successful multi-discipline and complex projects in this field.


Holistic concepts

For interior designs we at WESTERMANN think in terms of space and tasks as opposed to products. Depending on the project size and based on our experience of fulfilling customer’s ideas, we first develop a concept on the principle of “Form follows Function“, focussing on the activity, which the customer or user wants to - or has to - perform. In the process, the holistic concept takes on both optical and safety issues, as well as the acoustics and other aspects.

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Special solutions
without compromise

Exclusivity is the characteristic feature for space forming designs, which means creating spaces, that make a mark and inspire the viewer. As a specialist for space forming designs, WESTERMANN relies on a combination of materials, individuality and quality, and uses these factors to adapt given elements or to turn them into a re-designed complete visual experience and bring them to reality with the support of selected industrial partners.

Since we are not tied to manufacturers and think multi-discipline, we have the necessary expertise and freedom to develop space creating elements and rooms, which deserve the predicate of exceptional.


support in the
design phase

The majority of projects for space forming interior designs require an input from several different trade sub-contractors, who may be engaged at varying phases of the project. The number of trades, requiring coordination to achieve the common objective, will depend on the total size of the project. Based on the longstanding experience in designing space forming projects, WESTERMANN appreciates the importance of interface coordination and supports designers and developers early in the design phase with the targeted planning of sub-contractor involvement.

Attention to detail
in the production

Standard solutions using standard materials do not generally achieve the desired objectives for space forming designs. It is the high quality of individuality and exclusiveness in elements, components, furniture and accessories, which is so important. In order to meet individual customer requirements, WESTERMANN relies on first class materials for the manufacturing process, which our highly experienced craftsmen process into very special products with much affection and attention to detail.

attitude for
the installation

The exclusiveness and high quality of the elements, furniture and solutions for space designs calls for a corresponding quality in the installation. Our fitters are highly experienced in this work, and the great number of completed space design projects is impressive evidence of their skill. Craftsmanship in precision and exceptional solution-orientated working methods create rooms, which are truly unique in every sense of the word.