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WESTERMANN System Solutions for Furniture

Discover how special system furniture can be.

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The range of furniture offered by WESTERMANN demonstrates how distinctive and individual furniture can be, using systems that are variable both in size and function.

All examples have been developed and produced to individual customer specifications and have the unique WESTERMANN trade mark in which function, high quality and attention to detail have been perfectly merged.

Furniture for
all Applications

Specialist expertise of WESTERMANN is the ability to create custom made furniture, using modular systems, which can be easily adapted and extended but maintain the character of an individual solution. Depending on the customer requirements, these can incorporate other aspects, e.g.

  • furniture with integrated fire resistance
  • furniture with built-in lighting elements
  • furniture with safety relevant functions
  • furniture with special acoustic features

Work Place
Furniture with

The creation of bespoke, well designed workplaces not only suits your requirements but also enhances the efficiency and motivation of your employees. Considering the functionality, ergonomics, safety, structural and aesthetic needs, we at WESTERMANN can create desks, cupboard systems or media walls, which provide optimal conditions for effective office work and make a decisive contribution to improved job satisfaction. In our portfolio you will find:

  • Desks
  • Roller containers
  • Filing cabinets
  • Pharmacy cabinets
  • Office swivel chairs
  • Screens

Counters and
Reception Desks
with a Wow-Effect

It is said that there is no second chance for a first impression. Presumably this is the reason why designers and architects have high expectations for counter furniture and set great requirements for the interior designer. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, WESTERMANN has the necessary know-how to build customer specified counters that can be adapted with additional elements while preserving the character of a customised individual solution.

If you are also looking for a proven, modular design counter, which will inspire at first glance, you are in good hands with WESTERMANN.

» Download leaflet „med 735“

Steel Furniture
with impressive

Designers and architects rely on steel furniture in interior design for many reasons. The material fulfils all fire resistance requirements, which makes them also ideal for storing office files or for integrating learning areas in schools. The possibility of treating surfaces with powder coating is ideal for optical aspects. Due to the physical characteristics and easy floor fixing possibilities, they are frequently used where safety against tilting is required or where there is need for magnetic solutions, for example: cloakrooms or pharmacy counters which can be screwed together with the floor if required.

WESTERMANN uses these properties in steel furniture design and development and when appropriate combines these with other materials such as fabrics and solid wood upon request.

Kitchen Systems
with individual

More and more industrial firms are finding ways of meeting their individual Corporate Design requirements by using furniture and inventory, which are flexible and extensible and allow scope for the realisation of individual designs. WESTERMANN kitchen solutions fulfil these requirements, which are used by many customers across locations.

Solid Wood
Furniture with
special Details

A feature of solid wood furniture is not only the look and feel, but especially the particular way it is incorporated. Solid wood furniture creates special demands on the construction details and surface treatment and WESTERMANN has many years of experience in this specific type of work.

WESTERMANN has contributed to the interior design of the Roche Tower (Building 1), Switzerland’s tallest building, and has impressively realised the architect’s ideas.




Special Furniture
according to
your Wishes

Is there such a thing as custom-made-design based on standard systems? Yes and you can find it at WESTERMANN. Special solutions are often needed in interior designs which require a bit more design and development and will have to perfectly match the surroundings both optically and functionally. We can offer designers, architects and clients tailor-made special furniture solutions, based on our proven standard systems. Interested in inspirational functional design? Give us a call.

Here are a few unique items, which are available for everyone:

Selected WESTERMANN system solutions for furniture